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colour story



Client: Real Living magazine, Sydney, Australia

Shoot: Grey and Yellow decorating feature

Photographer: James Geer

Production and interior styling: Clair Wayman

Assistant: Nick Young

Location: Clair’s Melbourne house

Category: Editorial styling / homes magazine


‘While working as the Melbourne Style Editor for Real Living magazine, I was commissioned to come up with a colour story showing readers how to introduce colour in to their homes. We chose grey and yellow as the colour palette.


“Colour Your Home in 3 Easy Steps - This is no-fail decorating at its most bold! Forget the feature wall and embrace colour throughout your home. You can’t go wrong if you follow these simple rules - Step 1 Pick Your Colours. Step 2 Create a Base, Step 3 Add your Accents”. To read the whole story and find out more, click here.


I used my own home as a location for this shoot and emptied our living room, so I had a blank canvas to work with.


I chose slate grey, as a dark base for the walls, which adds depth and makes yellow pop - a great combo! I love how dark grey creates atmosphere and makes other colours shine.


When it came to the propping, I sourced everything from Melbourne homewares stores and wholesalers to create the room schemes from scratch. I’m lucky to have a wide network of suppliers that lend me pieces in exchange for magazine credits.


Working from my drawings and a list of ideas, I chose a collection of furniture and accessories that would create a modern, effortlessly cool, urban feel.


A stylish, cream coloured, mid-century sofa and black replica Eames ‘Elliptical’ coffee table ground the space, while a yellow tulip side table adds a pop of yellow.


To complete the look, and make the room schemes seem ‘lived in’, I added layers of accessories, such as cushions, vases, lamps, crockery, books etc.


As well as the main living room, I also created other smaller room sets, such as a dining room and office space. I found a vintage yellow dining table that worked perfectly in the scheme and painted a simple tonal grey painting using flower motifs for the wall.


Stores that kindly loaned products for this feature included: MRD Home, Matt Blatt, House of Orange and Globewest'.


To pull the colour theme together, as a final touch, I painted a couple of grey and yellow ‘Abstract Flower’ artworks, which later sold.


c u r i o & c u r i o
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colour story
home our team services media shop instagram contact
c u r i o & c u r i o colour story